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Because it reaches potential customers in their work environments, Fax continues to best serve many marketing and communications applications. Well-targeted faxes deliver the advantages of simplicity, high response rates, and cost effectiveness to your direct marketing campaign. LIST, Inc., supplies customized medical, dental, and healthcare fax address lists; we also bring the latest technology to high-volume fax broadcast applications, which results in increased delivery speed and substantial cost savings. We offer:

  • Fax Personalization – captures attention with variable information, logos, graphics and disclaimers.
  • V.FastFax Technology – allows the fastest possible transmission of your faxes, giving you significant savings.
  • Detailed Reporting – tracks the effectiveness of your campaign with comprehensive delivery reports.
  • Automated Opt-Out – provides an easy way for your recipients to remove their fax numbers from your list.

Call us today at (201) 995-1995 or fill out our contact form to learn how LIST, Inc., can help you develop, execute, and assess your fax-based direct marketing campaign.