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This list of Hospitals is the largest and most accurate list in the country. The list is 100% phone verified and is 99% deliverable. In addition to names and titles, this list also identifies Hospitals with specific programs (i.e. AIDS Programs, Births, Cancer Programs etc…)

List Source

Research/Phone Verified
6,897 Hospitals
202,039 Unique Hospital Decision Makers
Updated every 60 days
CASS Certified‐ Available


Phone Numbers (100%)
Fax Numbers (97%)

Hospital Characteristics

Number of Beds
Hospital Specialty
Ownership or Affiliation

Hospitals by Title

Administrative Assistant 10327   Director of OB/GYN Services 4653
Administrator 3271   Director of Oncology Services 2560
Chairman of Formulary Committee 2733   Director of Operating Room 3651
Chairman of the Board 3490   Director of Orthopedic Surgery 2461
Chief Executive Officer 5553   Director of Outpatient Services 3354
Chief Financial Officer 5254   Director of Outreach Services 2114
Chief Information Officer 5277   Director of Pastoral Care 2708
Chief Medical Officer 2387   Director of Pathology Services 3909
Chief of Infectious Diseases 2697   Director of Patient Accounts 4676
Chief of Medical Staff 6674   Director of Patient Education 3794
Chief Operating Officer 3063   Director of Patient Relations 2774
Chief Privacy Officer 4961   Director of Pediatric Services 3631
Chief Resident/Residency Progrm 665   Director of Pharmacy Services 5379
Controller 4021   Director of Physical Therapy 5374
Dir Materials Mgmt/Purchasing 5135   Director of Planning 2660
Dir of Engineering/Maintenance 5314   Director of Public Relations 4328
Dir of Managed Care Contracts 4289   Director of Quality Improvement 5190
Dir of Maternal Health Programs 2484   Director of Radiology Services 7447
Dir Psych Partial Hospital Svs 1031   Director of Respiratory Therapy 5191
Director Audio Visual/Media Svs 1899   Director of Risk Management 4890
Director Central/Sterile Supply 4615   Director of Security Services 4911
Director Dialysis/Hemodialysis 1369   Director of Skilled Nursing Svs 1569
Director ICU/Coronary Care Unit 3439   Director of Social Services 4532
Director Inservice Training/Ed 4352   Director of Substance Abuse 1102
Director Internal Medicine Svs 3243   Director of Support Services 1451
Director of Admissions Services 4880   Director of Surgery Services 7373
Director of Ambulance Services 1460   Director of Telecommunications 4185
Director of Ancillary Services 1848   Director of Urology 456
Director of Anesthesiology Svs 4406   Director of Utilization Review 4180
Director of Bio-Med Engineering 3657   Director Patient Care/Nursing 6259
Director of Blood Bank 4613   Director Patient Transportation 1838
Director of Business Developmen 1150   Director Physician Recruitment 2204
Director of Cardiology Services 3362   Director Psychology/Psychiatry 3311
Director of Case Management 4591   Director Volunteers/Auxiliary 3971
Director of Catheterization Lab 1546   Formulary Committee Member 58
Director of Data Processing/MIS 4295   Health Information Management 4877
Director of Dentistry 1226   Manager of Business Office 4640
Director of Discharge Planning 4285   Manager of DRG Coding 5054
Director of Emergency Room 7547   Manager of Gift Shop 2638
Director of Endocrinology 271   Medical Director 3557
Director of Environmental Svs 5106   Medical Information Officer 912
Director of Family Practice 2451   Medical Librarian 2117
Director of Food Services 5158   Medical Staff Coordinator 5810
Director of Foundation 2449   Miscellaneous 37
Director of Gastroenterology 1817   Nurse Manager of Psych Unit 1240
Director of Geriatric Programs 1293   Nurse Recruiter 2883
Director of Home Healthcare 1677   Patient Safety Officer 4217
Director of Hospice Services 1293   Point of Care Coordinator 955
Director of Hospitalist Service 1825   President 3255
Director of Human Resources 5890      
Director of Infection Control 5118      
Director of Laboratory Services 5191      
Director of Marketing Services 4376      
Director of Medical Records 3011      
Director of Medicare/Medicaid 4193      
Director of Neonatal Care 2333      
Director of Neurology Services 1826      

For a current list count please contact us for more information as these counts are updated on a regular basis.

Rental Charges

Names and Titles: $100.00/M
Minimum Order: $500.00/Min
Phone Numbers: $50.00/M‐($250.00/Min)
Fax Numbers: $200.00/M‐($1000.00/Min)
Hospital Specialty: $5.00/M
Bed Size: $10.00/M
Geography: $5.00/M
Ownership or Affiliation: $5.00/M