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In today’s business environment, emailing is an increasingly popular component of multi-media marketing campaigns. Emails are:

  • Cost-effective: According to the Direct Marketing Association, emails generate an average ROI of over $40 per dollar spent. In addition, emails are about one quarter of the cost of paper-based direct mail.
  • Fast: Whereas paper-based direct mail takes a week or more to generate responses, email can produce responses in less than one day. Emails also enable round-the-clock marketing, unaffected by time zones (or, for that matter, by geographical borders).
  • Measurable: Special tools are available to let you assess the success of your campaign based on factors such as open and click through percentages, bounce backs such as out of office replies or changed email addresses and we also provide the opt out message that is in compliance with email broadcast standards.
  • Personalized: With emails, it’s easy to address and greet potential customers by name. A personalized message is more likely to be read – and to be responded to positively – than an impersonal mass mailing.

These advantages, however, can be squandered if you don’t have a trusted, experienced email-marketing partner… and if you don’t have targeted email lists to provide the building-block of your campaign.

This is where LIST comes in. An expert in providing email leads and facilitating email marketing for the medical and healthcare industries, LIST creates targeted email lists that inaugurate one-to-one relationships and open new revenue channels. We use the most technologically advanced software and systems to ensure timely, precise delivery of your message; our data professionals consult with you on the best strategies and practices to reach your target audience. We can also help design your email pieces, as well as convert your Word docs or PDFs into the HTML formats optimally suited to your specific email campaign and complementary with your business’s overall marketing profile.

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