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LIST Personnel

GreggGregg Littel

Gregg Littel’s background and expertise are in consulting and specific insights into what data works best for the client. Other list companies are bound by their contractual in-house agreements. Gregg’s consultation is strictly geared to what will work best for the client. His goal is to provide the client the desired target audience and the proper medium to achieve the best results for a successful program.

Jackie Barclay (née Plotts)

Jackie Plotts has worked in the CME/Pubs/Direct Marketing industry for over 15 years. During this period she has worked for two AMA database licensees. She has unparalleled expertise in healthcare direct marketing with an emphasis in information management experience. Jackie is the best resource for a broad range of healthcare marketing solutions. She is commited to outstanding customer service and is the salesperson you can consult with to help you reach your targeted audience.

SalSal Sellitto

Sal Sellitto has been in the industry over 40 years and has managed the AMA and Physician Practice profile (PPP) databases at Fisher Stevens and IMS America for over 25 years. Sal headed the Mailing Lists and Databases Department at Phoenix Marketing for 14 years. This responsibility included his role as key AMA liaison and contract specialist. Sal believes that understanding our clients sometimes complex requirements is the key to providing the targeted list(s) they require. His motto is that we should always strive to be Easy To Do Business With (ETDBW)!

JimJim Littel

Jim has 14 years of experience in sales.  He is very attentive to his customers’ needs.  By listening to what their goals are, he provides the best data to effectively reach their target audience.  Value is also added by responding to needs quickly.  Our customers are confident that our knowledge helps them achieve success.  Nothing can take the place of experience.  To quote Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

PetePete Carlson

Pete Carlson’s background and expertise are in the Internet Technologies arena and more specifically in the HTML and email marketing campaigns and online registration systems that LIST offers. Pete has also been involved in the Meetings and Events industry and web registration environment giving LIST a better understanding of our clients needs for things such as CME events.