Group Medical Practices

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This list of Group Medical Practices and Freestanding Surgicenters is the country’s largest. The database contains 524,900 Decision Makers by name. The list is 100% phone verified and is 99% deliverable. In addition to names and titles, this list identifies the practices based on the number of participating doctors.

List Source

Research/Phone Verified
Group Medical Practice/Surgicenters‐ 78,614
Updated every 60 days
CASS Certified‐ Available


Gender Phone Numbers (100%)
Fax Numbers (98%)


Number of Physicians in the Group
Groups Specialty‐ Call for specialty counts
Site Type

List Selection

Administrators 11951   Data Processing Mgrs 337
Business Mgrs 1142   Physicians 458301
Dir of Operations 1761   Laboratory Supervisors 903
Controllers 1235   Medical Assistants 14224
Chief Executive Officers 2690   Nurse Practitioners 41249
Financial Supervisors 1235   Office Managers 40260
Insurance/Billing Suprs 5094   Dirs of Personnel 2142
Dirs of Marketing 377   Purchasing Mgrs 292
Medical Directors 10726   Recepts./Secretaries 24427
Suprs. Of Medical Records 1528   Hospitalists 9420
Nursing Supervisors 7565   Nurses 26343
Physician Assts 32632   Social Workers 5932
Presidents 1029   Technicians 3932
Radiology/X‐Ray Suprs 421   Dieticians 822
X‐Ray/Radiology Tech. 1285      

For a current list count please contact us for more information as these counts are updated on a regular basis.

Rental Charges

Names and Titles Minimum Order Phone Numbers Fax Numbers Group Specialty Number of Physicians Geography $100.00/M $500.00/Min $50.00/M‐($250.00/Min) $200.00/M‐($1000.00/Min) $5.00/M $5.00/M $5.00/M