AMA Prescribing Data

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The AMA Prescribing Data (also known as Wolter Kluwers Power Profiler) is a state-of-the art resource for targeting prescribers based on their actual prescribing behavior. Over 140 million new retail Rxs are processed each month and added to a 2.8 billion record history. This information is gathered from more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide and is data that is used to enhance the AMA physician database. This is a great way to target your audience.

List Source

Wolter Kluwers All U.S. Physicians Updated Monthly NCOA CASS Certified-Available

List Selection

All AMA selections are applicable Volume by Product Volume by therapeutic class
Call for Class and Product descriptions

Rental Charges

Therapeutic Class Level Data Minimum Product Level Data Minimum Call for Pricing
*AMA/AOA List Rental and Royalty additional- see AMA/AOA pages*