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Direct Marketing Lists

Direct marketing campaigns used to be limited to paper-based pieces; today, the term encompasses email, fax, and multi-media marketing campaigns as well. No matter what the delivery system, direct marketing campaigns are comprised of communications from the seller or service provider to carefully identified potential customers. These communications may emphasize existing product features and advantages, highlight new products and services, or introduce educational opportunities. But they all share the objective of developing, maintaining, and/or strengthening client bases and, ultimately, of increasing sales and promoting customer loyalty.

Key to any successful direct mailing campaign is a reliable, current, carefully selected potential customer list. LIST, Inc., specializes in medical and healthcare list databases ready for immediate use in your direct marketing programs and in meticulously customized lists tailored to your particular needs. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and consultation in order to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your direct mail marketing programs. Give us a call at (201) 995-1995 or fill out our contact form. Our team of consultants will listen to your requirements, explain what’s available, and work with you to create the integrated data selects best suited to your specific campaign.

With decades of experience in the health services information business, LIST consultants know where – and how – to find just about anything in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and healthcare fields. Among the many sources of data we tap on behalf of our clients are the:

  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • National Council Prescription Drug Programs Pharmacies (NCPDP)
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

We also access healthcare industry journals, medical claims data, hospital and healthcare organization directories, and state license boards. Our ability to multisource and to integrate data into easy-to-work-with targeted lists is what sets us apart from our competitors.

With LIST, Inc., as your direct mail partner, your campaigns will be timely, cost-effective, and professional. You will get your message to your target audience effectively!